Well, you might enjoy sipping a cup of coffee and read a book during a Saturday afternoon. That's a great way to get relax and have fun. Or you might spend some time in Gym or just biking on the open road. People live their own style of life, and those varies personal choices coming with a impact on personal finance, one way or another.

Reason 1 Simple Rule should be followed

Day to day expense management could be boring and tedious. Without a proper methodology and tool, this task either get ignored or end up with costing too much time and effort. At the end of day, a good expense and cash management process will support you spend your money wisely, and save quickly if you want. Simple rule: Income > Spend.

Reason 2 Understand your options

Everybody knows compound interest is a magic wand and time is your good friend. Challenge is how to properly use all different vehicles to achieve your financial goal. What kind of options do you have. Start a conversation with a qualified financial adviser will present you the opportunity to see a portion of the financial investment puzzle, if not all. Then you do your homework and connect dots. Invest earlier than later my friend.

Reason 3 Start Retirement Planning on career day 1

I wish someone could tell me this when I was young. It sounds crazy but actually make sense even you put 5 dollar into a self directed RRSP account every month starting from your 20s. You might be surprised that how this 5 dollar will make a difference in 40+ years. Buy me a coffee and I will tell you what the difference is :).

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