4/17/2020 Vaccine is on horizontal and US reopen for business. Worst yet to come.

After market closed on 4/16, multiple news came out which stirred after market trading significantly.

Statnews reported that Gilead drug remdesivir could rapidly recover fever and respiratory symptoms. There are also doubts about the actual effect of Gilead antivirus drug.

Based on another report from, Moderna received up to $483 million from the U.S. government to accelerate development of a COVID-19 vaccine. "Moderna said that it plans to begin a Phase 2 study in the second quarter of 2020 and start Phase 3 testing as soon as the fall of 2020". The first patient in the Phase 1 trial received a dose of the vaccine candidate March 16, per the report.

Trump also announced on 4/16 after market that he plans to allow states to reopen for business in a 3-stage process.

Market is bouncing high in the pre Market now. S&P future jumped 3.1% now and DOW Jones  future is up 3.26%.

Key Take away on 4/17/2020:

  • Now is a good time to re-balance portfolio, in plain words: deploying defense strategy and hoarding cash

  • In a short time it might be bullish, but economic is still yet to show impact from COVID-19

  • Be ready to see a big downward, not too far, as eventually ripple effect will hit the whole economic badly 

Keep calm. Stay live. Deploy strategy. (Repeat)

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